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i make internet.

I'm an award-winning science communicator and currently produce, write and host videos for Seeker (YouTube, website), and myself (YouTube) -- formerly with the Discovery and Science Channels.

My passion for storytelling helped me grow in the digital space, with thousands of followers and fans around the globe. I've spent the better part of a decade perfecting my ability to engage, inspire, excite and intrigue -- not to mention things that don't start with 'e' or 'i'.

Throughout the last several years, I've sifted through reams of information on topics in physics, biology, psychology, history, technology, politics, engineering, and futurism. I've interviewed astronauts, engineers, physicists, researchers, and countless other experts, and crafted thousands of stories watched by millions.

In my type of journalism, every day is different, because our universe is awesome.



Shoot me an email, because strangers are just friends that haven't met yet.



I've worked for various YouTube channels professionally and personally.

I launched a 360-degree camera on a weather balloon to the stratosphere (which won a Webby), shot a dozen videos in the Arctic Circle, threw up in an F-18, filmed at the White House (twice), emceed the March for Science in San Francisco, explored the depths of the Large Hadron Collider, sent a virtual hug around the world (for the first time ever) I've also created traditional television content, worked with blue chip advertisers (like Boeing and Toyota) and spoken on stages big and small… always with a huge nerd-fueled smile, and visible passion.

Videos I've produced, written, and hosted have been shown in classrooms and on television channels around the world, and even garnered the attention of President Barack Obama (who appeared on the show in 2016). 

Your energy is just awesome.
— Stephanie Sasse, March for Science, SF



I have years of background in crafting stories that YouTube viewers will consume.

why Me?

I can pitch, write, edit, shoot, conceptualize visuals, work with teams, and use past data to help find the best path to success.

If your business needs help getting it's YouTube strategy off the ground, I'm your man.

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i can do lots of things.

I've written over 500,000 words for Seeker's YouTube channel, and hundreds of thousands more for their other channels.

Stories I've worked on have printed in the New York Times, and on Vice, Huffington Post and elsewhere. My hosting and writing arrived on Discovery ChannelScience Channel, Hulu, Hyper, Devour, and other video streaming sites. I've conducted a Masterclass at VidCon, and have been a panelist there (not to mention other conferences). 

I'm comfortable working with advertisers like Boeing, Toyota, U.S. Air Force, Kay Jewelers, Harry's, Dollar Shave Club, Blue Apron,, SquareSpace, Graze, Hello Fresh, and many others. 

I've written press releases, crafted brochures, and pitched journalists. I have PR experience, can write journalism, and have worked on Capitol Hill, for state government, and in the private sector for non-profits, as well as businesses public and private. I can create content for stage, screen, speaking engagements, and taught PowerPoint at a college level -- needless to say, I can polish most turds I'm handed... and I'm sure your content is far better than that.  

My social media presence has grown steadily, and I have an engaged audience on a variety of popular social networks. 

i've worked with brands too.


About Me

I am a professional nerd.

I bring my passion, creativity & huge smile to every project I join.


Western Michigan U.,
     B.S. Psychology
American University,
     M.A. Strategic Comm.

Convinced Already? Great!


here are some of my babies.


STAndard episode

I have literally written well over 1,000 episodes of Seeker (formerly DNews), DNews Plus, and others. 

This episode spoke to a new study that was released regarding planets around a star called Trappist-1. The planets had been discovered previously, and the media immediately claimed it was "time to move!" We looked to see if that was possible. (Spoiler: It's not).


On October 22nd, 2015, DNews put on a live show at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco, as part of the Bay Area Science Festival. We sold hundreds of tickets and had a line around the block. And this was a brand that didn't even exist three years prior.

I was flabbergasted.

This is the full 90-minute show. 

Native integration: boeing

In 2016, I worked with a crew to create videos for Boeing. We created videos in-studio, as well as in the field at the largest airshow in the UK, and Boeing HQ in Seattle. 

This video was inspired by conversations I had with Boeing engineers regarding the psychology behind the design of airplane cabins.